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71 - 100 foot reach

Cormach WB65 Grapplesaw Truck[SOLD]

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Lifting Class: 30 ton/m
Vertical Reach: 77 feet
Crane Brand: Cormach
Crane Model: 30000 WB65
Crane Year: 2013
Truck: Western Star 4700
Truck Year: 2013
Engine: 450 HP Detroit Diesel
Mileage: 128,000 Miles
Transmission: Automatic
Grapple Saw: Mecanil SG280 RC-T
Location: Fort Gratiot Township, Mi

Description: 2013 Western Star 4700 truck w/ automatic transmission and 128,000 Miles on a 450 HP Detroit Diesel engine. Mounted on the truck is a 2013 Cormach 30000 WB65 loader crane w/ 77 feet of vertical reach. Max lift capacity without the saw attached, up close is 6,320 lbs and 1,850 lbs @ 65 feet horizontal. The crane has radio remote control. Included is a Mecanil SG280 grapplesaw (up to 25″ bar) w/ quick disconnect fitting.

New water pump installed in 2021. 

USED PM 34 Grapplesaw Truck[SOLD]

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Lifting Class: 34 ton/m
Vertical Reach: 92 feet
Crane Brand: PM
Crane Model: 34026
Crane Year: 2005
Truck: International 7600
Truck Year: 2007
Engine: Cummins
Mileage: 12,800 Miles
Transmission: 8LL
Grapple Saw: Mecanil SG160 G2 RC-T
Location: Danbury, CT

Description:2007 international 7600 with a pm 34 92ft vertical reach with a Mecanil SG160 G2 RC-T grapplesaw. A crane inspection was done November 2020. The truck and the crane are both in great shape and don’t need anything. The truck has an Eaton 8LL transmission with a Cummings engine with approx. 12,800 miles and about 900pto hours.

USED Palfinger PK40002 Tree-Mek[SOLD]

Price: SALE PENDING  Stock#: 

Lifting Class: 40 ton/m
Vertical Reach: 98 feet
Crane Brand: Palfinger (Tree-Mek)
Crane Model: PK40002-EH
Crane Year: 2015
Truck: MACK
Truck Year: 1993
Engine: MACK 300HP
Mileage: 51,000 Miles
Grapple Saw: Mecanil SG280 G1 RC-T
Location: Covington, LA

**** SALE PENDING ****


Palfinger Tree-Mek – 2015 Palfinger PK 40002D w/ PJ100D fly-jib, mounted on a pre-emission Mack truck w/ approx. 51,000 miles. Super single tires on the truck. The crane has a 98′ hydraulic tip height with a capacity of 1,660 lbs. A manual extension is available for approx $3,200. Mecanil SG280 G1 grapplesaw. The crane has approx. 3800 hours on it.

All of the rubber lines including reel lines have been replaced with new ones.

Total length of truck is 31′ bumper to bumper. The deck including mat rack is 18′ feet long. The truck height is 13’2″. Mats and man basket not included in sale.

USED FASSI F390 Grapplesaw Truck [SOLD]

Price: SOLD  Stock#: 19004

Lifting Class: 39 ton/m
Vertical Reach: 90 feet
Crane Brand: Fassi
Crane Model: F390SE.24
Crane Year: 2012
Truck: Western Star
Truck Year: 2013
Engine: DD13 500HP
Mileage: 65,000 Miles, 8,010 Hours
Transmission: Allison Automatic
Grapple Saw: Mecanil SG280 RC-T
Location: Alfred Station, NY

Description: 2013 Western Star 4700sb w/ 64,000 miles on a 500 HP Detroit DD13, Allison Automatic transmission, new tires. Mounted on the truck is a Fassi F390SE.24 crane w/ 90 feet of vertical reach w/ installed Mecanil SG280 grapplesaw. Radio Remote control.

This crane has 2 hydraulic extensions on the first boom and 4 hydraulic extensions on the second boom with a tip height of 90 feet.

101 - 120 foot reach


Price: SOLD  Stock#: 20001

Palfinger PK 65002 Tree-Mek
Lifting Class: 65 ton/m
Vertical Reach: 107 feet
Crane Brand: Palfinger TreeMek
Crane Model: PK65002E
Crane Year: 2020
Truck: Freightliner 114SD
Truck Year: 2020
Engine: Detroit Diesel 525HP
Mileage: 2,600 miles
Transmission: Allison Automatic
Grapple Saw: Mecanil SG280 RC-T
Location: Atlanta, GA

Description: For sale is a like new Palfinger PK 65002 Tree-Mek with radio remote control and a SG280 grapplesaw, mounted on a 2020 Freightliner 114SD truck with an Allison Auto transmission and a Detroit Diesel 525HP engine with only 2,600 miles. This crane has 6 hydraulic extensions on the main boom and 6 hydraulic extensions on the jib with a tip height of 107 feet.

121+ foot reach

USED Palfinger PK110002 Tree-Mek[SOLD]

Price: SOLD  Stock#: 19003

Palfinger PK 110002 Tree-Mek
Lifting Class: 110 ton/m
Vertical Reach: 120 feet
Crane Brand: Palfinger TreeMek
Crane Model: PK 110002
Crane Year: 2017
Truck: Kenworth T880
Truck Year: 2018
Engine: Cummins ISX15 545HP
Mileage: 9,500 Miles
Transmission: Allison Automatic
Grapple Saw: Mecanil SG280 RC-T
Location: Seabrook, NH

Description: Palfinger PK 110002 TreeMek in excellent condition. 120 feet of  hydraulic vertical reach w/ Mecanil SG280 grapplesaw. The truck is a 2018 Kenworth T880 twin steer w/ approx 9,500 miles on a Cummins 545 HP engine. Crane has only 925 hours and engine has 1,450 hours.

USED BIK TC-170 Grapplesaw Truck

Price: $750,000  Stock#: jd01

Lifting Class: 210 ton/m
Vertical Reach: 170 feet
Crane Brand: BIK/PM
Crane Model: TC-170
Crane Year: 2018
Truck: Western Star 4800 TS
Truck Year: 2018
Engine: DD13 470HP
Mileage: 17,000 Miles
Transmission: Eaton UltraShift
Grapple Saw: Mecanil SG280 RC-T
Location: Selma, AL


2018 BIK TC-170 grapplesaw truck w/ Mecanil SG280 G2 grapplesaw (25″ saw bar). Only 1700 engine hours and 17,000 miles. 170 feet of vertical reach with the grapplesaw and manual extension.

The seller just secured a very large ROW contract and will no longer be needing the truck.

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