The Grapplesaw Truck

The Grapple Saw Truck

The future of tree removal is here! The knuckleboom crane, grapplesaw and truck; combined together to make the ultimate remote control tree removal machine, The Grapplesaw Truck. By adding a Mecanil grapplesaw to the end of a knuckleboom crane, the unit is turned in to a grapple saw crane, now the operator can safely remove a tree from the ground via wireless remote control.

Called a game changer in the tree removal industry, the grapple saw truck is the safest and most efficient method of tree removal. The operator removes the tree from the ground via radio control, eliminating the need for climbing, rigging and cutting by hand.  With the addition of a man basket on the end of the knuckleboom crane, the grapplesaw truck can transform to a bucket truck. The grapple saw truck is the most versatile piece of equipment you will ever own.

Mecanil Grapplesaws

The best of the best! the Mecanil grapplesaw is the most popular and full featured grapplesaw for use with a knuckleboom crane. Unlike other brands, The Mecanil has full independent control of each function allowing for better control of the grapple saw and the tree pick. There is no need to tinker with pressure settings, it just works! Available in various models ranging from a 16″ saw bar up to a 25″ saw bar. These grapplesaws are designed to operate extremely efficient with a knuckleboom crane and hold up to the abuse thrown at them in the tree removal industry.

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Copma 650 Grapplesaw Truck reaching over house
The experience and knowledge of Todd Brady has been a tremendous help in my search for a grapple saw truck. I highly recommend anyone searching for a truck to use Todd is honest and will always send you in the right direction.
Roy Cooey
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