The future of tree removal is here! The knuckleboom crane, grapplesaw and truck; combined together to make the ultimate mechanized tree removal machine. By adding a Mecanil grapplesaw to the end of a knuckleboom crane, the operator can safely remove a tree without ever leaving the ground.
There are many different knuckleboom crane manufacturers that offer hundreds of different models ranging in lift capacities. This website details some of the most popular knuckleboom crane manufacturers and models of cranes for use with a grapplesaw.



The knuckleboom crane has been used extensively in Europe for decades and is now making a major breakthrough in North America; especially in the tree industry.

The knuckleboom crane has the ability to get in to those hard to reach places that a stiff boom crane cannot. With the addition of hydraulic hose lines to the end of the boom, the knuckleboom can now be used with different attachments such as a grapplesaw, clamshell bucket, snow brush, hydraulic forks and a brick grab. Also available is a self leveling man basket that can be attached to the end of the knuckleboom allowing the crane to function as a bucket truck... this is an extremely versatile machine.

There are many different brands of knuckleboom cranes that will work with a grapplesaw. Popular brands include Copma, Effer, Fassi, Hiab, Palfinger and PM.



The most popular grapplesaw for use with a knuckleboom crane is produced by Finnish company Mecanil. The Mecanil grapplesaw is available in three models; the SG160(16" saw bar), SG220(18" saw bar) and the SG280(25" saw bar). The Grapplesaw requires four hydraulic hoses to the end of the boom; two for the rotator and two for the grapple itself. With the Mecanil grapple saw you have full independent control of tilt up/down, rotation, grapple open/close and the saw function.



There are many truck sizes to choose from when building a grapplesaw truck. Long reach and heavy capacity knuckleboom cranes require a larger truck for stability purposes, whereas a short reach and lighter capacity knuckleboom will fit on a shorter and lighter truck.

The crane can be mounted on the rear of the truck to avoid reaching over the cab of truck and optimize the crane outreach, or the crane can be mounted behind the cab of the truck in order to install a rear dumping box.


-Aaron McGraw of Select Logging & Tree Care

The easiest, safest, most cost effective and
most profitable way to remove large trees. In 10 years
anyone not using this technology will no longer be
competitive on large removals.

Fassi F390SE.24 Wallboard Crane

A real no-brainer just take a look at it...
fast, efficient, and above all SAFE!!!

HIAB 250 Knuckleboom Crane

Our knuckleboom and Mecanil grapplesaw is
one of the best investments I have made!!

PM 65 Knuckleboom Crane

The Mecanil has never let me down! It is a very well designed
and constructed piece of equipment. The cababilities it affords
and possibilities it creates are well worth the price.

Manitou Telehandler w/ Mecanil Grapplesaw

COPMA 450.6J4 Knuckleboom

Palfinger PK 52000 on M9 Military Truck


Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the grapplesaw truck. There are many different options available such as knuckleboom crane and truck size, brand, grapplesaw size, and pricing.

We work closely with many different knuckleboom dealers and can have a grapplesaw truck custom built to best suit your requirements at the best price available. We are not a dealer for a specific brand of crane; we can offer you honest facts and unbiased advice and not a sales pitch.



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