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What is a Grapplesaw Truck?

The future of tree removal is here! The knuckleboom crane, grapplesaw and truck; combined together to make the ultimate remote control tree removal machine, The Grapplesaw Truck. By adding a Mecanil grapplesaw to the end of a knuckleboom crane, the unit is turned in to a grapple saw crane, now the operator can safely remove a tree from the ground via wireless remote control.

An Industry Game Changer

Called a game changer in the tree removal industry, the grapple saw truck is the safest and most efficient method of tree removal. The operator removes the tree from the ground via radio control, eliminating the need for climbing, rigging and cutting by hand. With the addition of a man basket on the end of the knuckleboom crane, the grapplesaw truck can transform to a bucket truck. The knuckleboom crane can also be equipped with a lifting cable, turning it in to a more conventional crane. The grapple saw truck is the most versatile piece of equipment you will ever own.

Advantages of a Grapplesaw Truck

Grapplesaw trucks offer several advantages for tree removal and vegetation management operations

  • Efficiency: Grapplesaw trucks significantly improve efficiency compared to manual tree removal methods. Operators can quickly grab and cut trees or branches, reducing the time and effort required for the task.

  • Precision: The grapplesaw allows for precise cutting and controlled removal of trees and branches. This is particularly important in urban areas where space is limited and avoiding damage to nearby structures is crucial.

  • Safety: Grapplesaw trucks enhance operator safety by keeping workers at a safer distance from falling trees and branches. Operators can operate the knuckleboom and grapplesaw via radio remote away from any hazards.

  • Reduced Labor: These trucks require fewer workers compared to traditional tree removal methods, reducing labor costs and the risk of on-site accidents.

  • Versatility: Grapplesaw trucks are versatile and can handle a variety of tree sizes and types. They are used in both urban and rural settings for tasks such as tree removal, disaster cleanup, and vegetation management.

  • Minimized Environmental Impact: The controlled cutting and removal process minimizes damage to surrounding vegetation, allowing for more environmentally friendly tree removal in sensitive areas.

  • Logistics: Grapplesaw trucks can be designed with storage space for transporting cut logs and branches, streamlining the cleanup process and reducing the need for additional equipment.

Overall, grapplesaw trucks offer a powerful and efficient solution for tree removal and vegetation management, benefiting both the efficiency of the operation and the safety of workers and the environment.


Anatomy of a Grapplesaw Truck

The grapplesaw truck is composed of three main items

  • Truck Chassis: The chassis is the base framework of the truck that supports all the components. It’s usually a heavy-duty commercial truck chassis with the necessary power and durability to handle the weight of the attachment and the tasks it’s designed for. 

  • Knuckleboom Crane: The knuckleboom is a hydraulically operated telescopic and articulating arm that extends from the truck. It provides reach and maneuverability for the grapple saw attachment, allowing operators to position the saw accurately for cutting and handling trees. The boom can be folded up and stowed to allow for larger payload or a shorter truck.

  • Grapplesaw: The grapplesaw attachment is a combination of a hydraulic-powered chainsaw and a grapple. This attachment enables operators to cut branches and tree sections by remote control while safely positioned on the ground. By far the most popular grapplesaw for use with a knuckleboom crane is produced by Finnish company Mecanil. Grapplesawtrucks.com, LLC is an official Mecanil Distributor in the USA and Canada. For more information or purchasing info click here.

grapplesaw truck anatomy
Mecanil SG280 grapplesaw and BIK TC-126 Knuckleboom mounted on a Western Star 49X