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NJ Crane Expert is a renowned name in the crane and tree removal industry, dedicated to promoting safety and efficiency in crane operations. With a strong commitment to ensuring the well-being of workers and the protection of valuable assets, NJ Crane Expert has made significant strides in promoting grapplesaw truck safety.


Grapplesaw trucks are a vital part of the urban forestry sector, allowing for the efficient removal of trees and debris. However, their operation can be hazardous if not executed with precision and attention to safety protocols. NJ Crane Expert recognizes this challenge and has taken proactive measures to address it.



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Furthermore, NJ Crane Expert actively engages with regulatory authorities and industry organizations to advocate for safety standards and best practices in grapplesaw truck operation. They participate in forums, conferences, and workshops to share their expertise and contribute to the development of safety guidelines. This collaborative approach helps ensure that safety remains a top priority in the industry.

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NJ Crane Expert also provides on-site consultations and safety audits for companies that use grapplesaw trucks. By assessing the specific needs and challenges of each client, they can tailor safety recommendations and solutions to enhance overall safety levels. This personalized approach has earned NJ Crane Expert a reputation as a trusted advisor in the field of grapplesaw truck safety.


NJ Crane Expert’s dedication to promoting grapplesaw truck safety is commendable. Through training, advocacy, and personalized safety solutions, they play a vital role in ensuring that grapplesaw trucks are operated with the highest regard for safety, protecting both workers and the environment. Their commitment to excellence sets a standard for the industry, making them a valuable resource for companies seeking to prioritize safety in their operations.


Training Offerings

The only accredited crane certification program taught by certified arborists


This two- or three-day certification course will provide you with your 5- year mobile crane certification. You can join one of our open enrollment classes, or we can schedule a private class and we will come to you! This course will prepare you for your exams, as well as apply the curriculum to practical work environments. A written assessment and outdoor practical exam are required.

Operator Development

Our operator development programs are 2-3 days of hands-on training. We will come to your location and work with your operators and/or crew. This is on the job training that will bring your operators to the next level of efficiency and safety.

Signal Rigger Qualification

This class provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about how to properly use hand signals, as well as apply & inspect rigging. There is a new update to AMSE B30.5 that requires a qualified rigger/signal person must be on all applicable job sites. This class will assist students in understanding when that qualified person is required. Students will be provided with certificate of completion.

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