Mecanil Grapplesaws

The most popular and full-featured grapplesaw for use with a knuckleboom crane is the Mecanil grapple saw. These grapplesaws are lightweight while still offering excellent lifting and cutting capacity. The units are easy to hook up to knuckleboom cranes, wallboard cranes, log loaders, excavators, and more. The most popular models are the SG160 RC, SG220 RC, and the SG280 RC. The Mecanil grapplesaw requires two hydraulic functions. Installation is effortless as there is no need to run an electrical cable or case drain line.

Why Choose Mecanil Grapple Saws?

Superior Control

  • Full independent control of the tilt up/tilt down, grapple open/close, saw cut and grapple rotation. When you are cutting a tree 100 feet away, you need as much control as possible!
  • Ability to keep smaller branches vertical after cutting. When you are cutting over an obstacle such as a house, the ability to keep the cut vertical is crucial
  • Easy controls – No need to hold levers at certain angles or wait for pressure to build up to use the saw.


Easy Installation

  • Requires only two hydraulic functions (one for the rotator and one for the grapplesaw
  • No need to run a long heavy case drain line down the crane boom.
Conventional Grapple
  • Use it as a conventional grapple without worrying about the saw bar activating.

Harvester Bar and Chain
  • Uses strong, long-lasting harvester bar and chain. No need to buy expensive proprietary bars.

Minimal Maintenance
  • Does not require constant tedious pressure adjustments.
  • Large parts and support network

  • There is a reason the Mecanil grapple saw is the most popular grapplesaw for use with a knuckleboom crane… it just works!
  • SG160 RC
  • SG220 RC
  • SG280 RC
sg160 small
SG160 RC
sg220 small2
SG220 RC
sg280 small3
SG280 RC
Max Grapple Opening 37" 47" 58"
Max Cutting Diameter 16" 18" 25"
Max Weight Capacity 3,300 lbs 4,300 lbs 5,500 lbs
Weight w/ Rotator 500 lbs* 840 lbs* 960 lbs*
Ability to Hold Vertical Yes (to a limit) Yes (to a limit) Yes (to a limit)
Individual Control of Each Function Yes Yes Yes
Dual Tilt Cylinders No Yes Yes
Price $25,500 $28,500 $32,500

*Approximate weight including rotator and linkage

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