Copma 650 Grapplesaw Truck
The experience and knowledge of Todd Brady has been a tremendous help in my search for a grapple saw truck. I highly recommend anyone searching for a truck to use grapplesawtrucks.com. Todd is honest and will always send you in the right direction.
Roy Cooey - Ocala, FL
Todd Brady has been a wealth of knowledge from the first time I called completely clueless about a grapple saw truck. He is always the first to try to help. I definitely wouldn't have bought a crane if it weren't for him, fortunately I did and it's been a game changer.
Wes Keller - Abingdon, VA
Fassi F390SE.24 w/ Mecanil SG280 Grapplesaw
Our knuckleboom and Mecanil grapplesaw is one of the best investments I have made!!
Greg Haskell - Buffalo, NY
The easiest, safest, most cost effective and most profitable way to remove large trees. In 10 years anyone not using this technology will no longer be competitive on large removals.
Aaron McGraw - Alfred Station, NY


Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the Mecanil grapplesaw including best pricing and delivery times.We are an official Mecanil grapplesaw dealer and stock a full range of parts for the Mecanil grapplesaw.


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