Schaeffer’s Moly Hi-Visc Boom Lube

Aerosol boom lubricant that makes it easy to keep your crane booms and aerial lifts protected

Moly Hi-Visc Boom Lube is an aerosol lubricant that sprays on easily and in less time than conventional boom greases in tubes. It’s highly adhesive, so it clings to vertical surfaces and stays where you apply it. Even as temperatures increase, Moly Hi-Visc Boom Lube resists dripping off equipment. No more messes to clean up.

Moly Hi-Visc Boom Lube sprays on as a thin, shear, light-colored film that makes it easy to inspect metal surfaces and wear pads. Surfaces stay clean, so there’s no buildup where the sections slide into each other. Made with our proprietary additive, Micron Moly®, Moly Hi-Visc Boom Lube reduces friction and wear to allow for smooth boom operation. Strong protection. Less time to apply.

Schaeffer’s Boom Lube is great for lubricating sliding surfaces on aerial lifts, forklifts, vehicle hoists, telescoping booms and boom trucks.

Performance Benefits

  • Reduces friction: Improves wear pad life and allows for smoother and safer equipment operation.
  • Sprays on: Easier to apply and takes less time than using boom grease in a tube.
  • Stays on: Won’t run off or drip onto equipment even in hotter temperatures.
  • Clear application: Makes it easier to inspect wear pads and equipment.
  • Long-lasting performance: Full-strength grease protection from a spray can.


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