Replacing the Bar Oiler Pump

Parts Needed:

1 x 400-220223 Bar oiler w/ bolts and orings. Purchase Here

1 x 400-220282 Strainer for bar oiler. Purchase Here

1. Clean the threads with a M6 thread tap.

2. Clean the holes and bolts with a degreaser solvent

3. Place the strainer (#2) in the middle. Apply flange sealant in the four corner holes.

4. Place the orings (#3 & #4) in the bar oiler(#5). Note that the outer oring may need to be glued in place.

5. Attach the bar oiler and cross tighten the bolts with a torque wrench at 8Nm.

6. Connect the fittings/hoses from the grapplesaw to each end of the bar oiler

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