Italian based company Fassi recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. Fassi has over 60 models of knuckleboom cranes available and is known for their innovative features and quality workmanship.

FASSI F390SE.24 Grapplesaw Crane

Reach: 90 feet   Lifting Class: 39 ton/m

The Fassi F390SE.24 is a wallboard crane that is quickly becoming very popular for use with a grapplesaw. The wallboard cranes have hydraulic hosing to the end of the boom which allows easy hookup of a Mecanil grapplesaw without the need for a costly retrofit. The Fassi F390SE.24 is an extremely popular wallboard crane and can be found easier on the used knuckleboom market and is more economically feasible for many tree removal companies.
The F390SE.24 has 2 hydraulic extensions in the first boom and 4 hydraulic extensions in the second boom with a total vertical reach of 90 feet.

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