Ocala, FL based company Always Trimming Tree Specialists recently took delivery of a new COPMA 650 grapplesaw truck. The new truck replaces an older Fassi F390SE.24 wallboard style grapplesaw truck. The new COPMA 650 knuckleboom crane has 110 feet of vertical reach with a Mecanil SG280 grapplesaw. The whole truck is only 30 feet in length allowing the driver to access tight residential areas with ease compared to a longer truck.

When asked about the advantages of their new truck over their old wallboard style grapplesaw truck, company owner Roy Cooey says, “The maneuverability is amazing compared to the wallboard grapplesaw crane. I’m able to get this truck in to places that the wallboard crane could never go. I’m able to pull down single car driveways off a regular two lane street.

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