Mecanil SG160 Grapple Saw

Mecanil SG160 Grapplesaw

The Mecanil SG160 is the smallest of the three SG Series grapplesaws from Mecanil. It is a compact and lightweight grapple saw with a cutting capacity of 15.75″ and a lift capacity of 3,300 lbs.

The SG160 is best suited for smaller knuckleboom cranes or as a compliment to an SG280 grapplesaw. Many grapplesaw truck owners equip their truck with both an SG160 and SG280 grapplesaw.


Pricing starts at $24,500 USD

SG160 RC
Tilt Function
Grapple Size
1.7 Sq.ft
Grapple Opening
550 lbs
Rec. Oil Flow
11 – 21 gpm
Bar Size
Lift Capacity
3,300 lbs

*Approximate weight including rotator and linkage

The technical data stated above is non-binding and subject to change without notice.

The RC designation stands for “Remote Control” – Only two hydraulic functions (4 lines) are required to run this grapplesaw. One function is dedicated to the rotation and the other function powers the grapple open/close, tilt up/down and saw cut. The Mecanil grapple saw is designed to be easily installed on a knuckleboom crane with only two hydraulic functions, while still allowing you to maintain individual control of all the functions.

Warranty – offers a full 1 year warranty on every grapplesaw sold – Unlike other Mecanil dealers, you deal with us direct for any warranty claim. There is no need to wait weeks for parts from the manufacturer as we stock a vast amount of Mecanil parts in the USA.

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