Jekko JF545T with Mecanil SG160 and SG280 Grapplesaw

Jekko JF545T Tracked Grapplesaw Crane is Launched

Knuckleboom Transformers, LLC of Jacksonville, FL has launched their JF545T “Tree Edition” tracked knuckleboom grapple saw crane. The JF545T is built on the Jekko JF545 platform with custom modifications to meet the rigorous demands of the tree removal industry.

The JF545T has 100 feet of vertical reach with a Mecanil grapple saw. With dimensions of only 18 feet long and 6 feet wide, it can access places a conventional grapplesaw truck cannot.

Standard features of the JF545T Tree Edition include:

  • Tree armor shielding components
  • Multi quick-coupler on main boom for jib
  • Hydraulic jib with 6 hydraulic extensions and electrohydraulic activation
  • Multi quick-coupler on jib for attachments
  • Jekko remote connection + 1 year contract included

The Jekko JF545T has been customized to run a Mecanil grapplesaw at maximum efficiency.

Some of the available upgrade options include:

  • Internalized fluid delivery system from main boom to grapplesaw saw. Available in 1/2” or 5/8” sized lines to allow for optimal Mecanil grapplesaw performance
  • Internalized 10,000 lb capacity “x-pattern” jib extension with “Auto-Wet” hydraulic interface and quick rigging point sleeve allowing for quicker grapple saw hookup


Canary Tree Service of Jacksonville is the first company to add the Jekko JF545T to their equipment fleet. As an owner of a conventional Mecanil grapplesaw truck and seeing first-hand the benefit it has brought to his company, owner Justin Hartmann says, “After seeing this machine in person, I knew it was the biggest innovation since powered saws. I had to have it.”

Hartmann has been documenting his daily work life using the grapplesaw units in the field and his unique customizations in a video series. You can follow on his youtube channel here

For more details please visit our Jekko JF545T product page.