Jekko is a leading manufacturer of tracked knuckleboom cranes and has over 45 years experience in the material lifting and handling industry.  The Jekko Tree Edition tracked knucklebooms are specially modified to meet the demands of the tree removal industry. 


Tracked Grapplesaw Crane

Reach: 100 feet   Lifting Class: 54 ton/m

Jekko JF545T Tracked Grapplesaw Crane

The Jekko JF545T is a knuckleboom crane on a self-propelled tracked carrier. With an approximate weight of 40,000 lbs, a width of only 6 feet and a length of under 18 feet; the Jekko JF545T can access areas that a conventional grapplesaw truck can only dream of.

The JF545T has 6 hydraulic extensions in the first boom and 6 hydraulic extensions in the jib with a vertical reach of 100 feet with a Mecanil grapple saw. Some of the available options include: internalized hydraulic hosing, 5/8″ hosing for optimal fluid delivery and minimal heat gain allowing for a quicker cutting speed compared to other grapplesaw cranes on the market, a special 10,000 lbs rated “x-pattern” manual jib extension with quick connector sleeve allowing for quicker and easier grapple saw hookup.

Paired with a Mecanil grapple saw, the Jekko JF545T is the ultimate tracked tree removal machine.