Advanced Land Management and Tree Removal of Abingdon, Virginia has taken delivery of North America’s largest grapplesaw truck, the BIK TC-170. This unit has a whopping 170 feet of vertical reach and is equipped with a Mecanil SG160 and SG280 grapplesaw, as well as a lifting winch. The BIK TC-170 features a 210 ton/m knuckleboom crane with a rated capacity of 2,400 lbs at 170 feet vertical. With a total truck length of only 35 feet, it is the shortest grapplesaw truck in it’s class.

After running a BIK TC-126 for over a year, company owner Wes Keller felt it was time to make the next step, “Most of our picks are around 90 to 120 feet away. With the BIK TC-126 we were working close to capacity for a lot of our jobs. The BIK TC-170 will allow us to make picks well below max capacity and in my opinion, limit wear and tear on the boom and increase safety. The extra reach will really help on some of our jobs as well.”

Before purchasing his first grapplesaw truck, Keller’s company was mostly landscaping with occasional tree work. Keller says “In a little over a year after adding a grapplesaw truck to the fleet, I sold my mowing and landscape company in order to keep up with the tremendous amount of work we are selling and completing. It also took us from the company that everyone looked over, to the company that’s everyone’s go-to tree removal company”

When asked why he chose the Mecanil grapplesaw over other brands, Keller remarks “the Mecanil grapplesaw has the best control system on the market today, and the service and after sale support from is top-notch”

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